NEMPAC Students Are Eager to Start “Keys 4 Kids” Pledge-a-thon

The students of NEMPAC’s private music instruction program have geared up to start collecting their pledges for a month long pledge-a-thon “Keys for Kids”. “Keys 4 Kids will give students motivation to practice! By reinforcing practice, students will receive the maximum benefits from their weekly music lessons. As a result, NEMPAC expects to see a growing commitment to students instrument and development in artistic abilities” says Sherri Snow, NEMPAC’s Executive Director. Proceeds, including pledges and business sponsorships, will buy new instruments for 2014-2015 school year, fund the children’s music scholarship program, as well as the private music instruction program.

Music students participating in the Keys 4 Kids pledge-a-thon will be motivated to practice by showcasing what students have learned at the performance recital scheduled for Saturday, June 7th at 1p.m. on the Prado (The Paul Revere Mall). This recital is free and open to the public. Students will be honored with a celebration, special awards, and t-shirts!

A list of participating music students in located on NEMPAC’s website, These students are currently enrolled in the Private Music Instruction program at NEMPAC.

Support a student with your pledge! For every $10 pledge, a student will commit to 15 minutes of private practice on their instrument. Pledge a student through our online pledge form at, or find them on the street, at school, or on the playground!

For information about NEMPAC and our programs visit or contact us at [email protected]. We also welcome you to call us at (617) 227-2270.

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