Greenway Conservancy Holds North End Community Meeting

Greenway Conservancy staff together with NEWRA selected  North End resident Robyn Reed who held a community meeting held to discuss improvements to the North End parks on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Also in attendance was Lynden B. Miller of New York a consultant hired by the Conservancy to help design and implement an approach to the work that will eventually be selected by the parks.

Staff reviewed park improvements that were completed in 2013.

The new proposal for 2014 was broken into two parts, park infrastructure repair and improvements and park horticulture.

An expanded calendar all volunteer opportunities, including some additional weekend dates and a few late afternoon/early evening dates, called Bush Hours was presented at the meeting.

Also discussed was the efforts of proposed developments impacting both parks and the plants, demolition of existing structures, bigger shadows being cast into the parks, requests for assistance with city water/irrigation issues for planters on the other side of the street across from the Greenway, the Pergola and possible shade opportunities at the Carousel.

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