Trash Placement Time Change in Limbo

The North End community is not the only part of the City that will be affected by a potential change of the time household trash can be placed out for pickup.

Chinatown, Downtown Crossing, Bay Village, Back Bay and the South End will be a part of the change from placing trash out between 6am to 9am on the day of collection as opposed to 5pm on the day of collection.

Residents in these communities are allegedly looking for ways to improve trash collection on their streets.

The current policy causes litter and debris to be spread along sidewalks and streets. It creates a rodent problem that would have an adverse affect on the health of the city’s residents and the aesthetic character of the neighborhood.

“It is important for the City of Boston to examine ways to improve its trash collection services in order to maintain neighborhood cleanliness,” Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina said.

Based on a petition of over 800 North End/Waterfront residents signatures, Councilor LaMattina requested a hearing on this subject with the Committee on City, Neighborhood Services and Veterans Affairs.

The committee held a public hearing on this matter on Monday, March 3 at City Hall. The committee listen to testimony from a variety of supporters and recessed to further review the request.

In the North End, residents have had trash problems for years and residents felt the situation was getting worse and something had to be changed to correct what has become a day to day major problem.

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