Making It Easier to Carry Mace… That Is the Question

Channel 7 recently conducted a survey asking the question, “Should it be easier for Massachusetts residents to get licenses for mace?”

The question was raised based on several alleged sexual assaults widely publicize by the media.

Changing how to be able to carry mace, laws need to be dealt with by the state legislature and the governor with input from law enforcement.

Many Massachusetts residents, especially women, would most likely support a mace policy change. It would be a comfort to be able to carry something to protect themselves from the many sickos that are currently roaming the streets looking for victims.

On the other hand, with everyone carrying mace, how and when it is used poses questions about over using the chemical when it is not required.

While there is no current movement to change this policy or any legislation on the books calling for a change, it could be something that could find its way to the forefront if assaults, robberies and other acts of violence continue to grow creating a spark that could call for making it easier to obtain a license to carry mace.

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