Casinos Will Bolster the Economy

Anti Casino groups have filed a request to place a referendum on the 2014 ballot prohibiting gambling in Massachusetts.

The Secretary of State has approved the request that will pose the casino question on a statewide level.

Opponents have managed to get several religious organizations on their bandwagon preaching no casinos.

Unless we’ve missed something, there are no religious laws handed down by God condemning gambling.

Having casinos and a slot parlor statewide is no sin, it’s a way of raising much needed new revenue.

These groups are mounting a crusade, a movement that will take away money from state, cities and towns that could badly use the revenue for variety of things that could be accomplished like roadway repairs, bridge repairs, street lighting and the list goes on and on.

Casinos will also generate jobs during and after construction.

Although the referendum results will be presented to the State Legislature, elected officials do not have to vote on the final results (yes or no) they can vote as they choose.

Getting casinos in Massachusetts has become harder than talking your way out of hell.

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