Strike Three for Cleaner Streets

A concentrated effort needs to be made in the North End to tackle a still growing trash problem in the North End.

During the cold and snowy winter months, it seems to get even worse.

Household trash and debris created by shoppers, diners and those visiting historical sites is without question the reason why the community is always dirty.

If not for the City of Boston Department of Public Works during March through December, the streets and sidewalks would be overwhelmed with filth and become a health hazard.

While some neighborhood groups have tried to get residents, businesses, organizations and historical agencies involved in clean street efforts, the move has basically been a failure to say the least.

It appears that the only neighborhood group, RUFF (Responsible Urbanites For Fido) has the only consistent cleanup program in the North End, organizing monthly programs in parks and playgrounds.

There are a few businesses and residents taking the time to clean in front of their homes and stores, but this is not always consistent.

The North End Chamber of Commerce conducted a successful one day cleanup this summer but once a year doesn’t get the job done.

More one day cleanup programs must be organized each year by North End groups and businesses to obtain a cleaner neighborhood.

No one has stepped up to the plate to try to resolve the dirty neighborhood situation and it appears no one will.

It appears to be a strike three, your streets will remain filthy.

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