Could the North End 55-height Limitations Change?

Currently, the single most important guideline that needs to be protected in the North End is the 55 foot height limitation on buildings or proposed structures.

The rule has been in place for many years and thus the neighborhood has maintain the regulation to the exact number.

There seems to be no danger of the 55-height restriction being changed, so the saying goes “never say never”.

Requests have been and will continue to be made regarding the 55-height rule, which is from the sidewalk to the rooftop.

The thing to consider is when there are no further existing buildings in the neighborhood that haven’t reached the require limitation, what happens?

When every building is capped at 55 feet high, does the regulation stay in place or in the name of progress in the city, does it increase?

Sometime down the road, the answer to raising the 55-height limitation will be addressed.

Residents should keep an eye on this and be ready to respond.

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