NEWRA Good Neighbor Award Encourages a Cleaner Community

One of the better monthly events held in the neighborhood is the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association’s Good Neighbor Award, that recognizes people and businesses for helping to keep the community clean on a continuous basis.

NEWRA’s goal is to get as many people involved on a regular basis to help keep sidewalks and curbs in front of homes and businesses free of the debris.

By recognizing these people for their positive actions, NEWRA hopes that others will follow suit and also become a Good Neighbor.

The North End attracts so many people to historic sites, restaurants, retail stores and is so densely populated, the streets and sidewalks are usually covered with some sort of trash.

The argument that taxes are paid to the city to keep the streets and sidewalks clean is relevant, however, residents and the business community are part of the neighborhood and should take some pride toward having a cleaner neighborhood.

There are currently many residents and businesses cleaning up on a regular bases but it is not enough. Everyone should take part in having a clean neighborhood.

It only takes about 10 minutes a day. That’s not asking too much for cleaner streets and sidewalks.

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