Major Developments Will Generate Traffic Problems

The Expressway (The Green Monster) was once a barrier separating the North End from numerous other Boston neighborhoods.

While The Green Monster has met its doom, other barriers will eventually once again separate the North End from other parts of the city.

Housing developments are already popping up adjacent to the neighborhood and there is more to come, much more.

Soon the North End community will be surrounded by brick and mortar and thousands of new people and new businesses will set their stakes abutting the neighborhood.

With the new developments currently in place and many more projects being planned, has anyone done a traffic study that will clearly show how traffic will flow through West End, North End, Beacon Hill, Haymarket District, the Waterfront and the Downtown District.

Reportedly, no such plan exists.

Every time a new plan or proposal, especially a major one, comes to light, the North End/Waterfront community should demand traffic studies are completed and made public.

If the construction rate continues at this pace, major traffic congestion problems will occur.

1 comment for “Major Developments Will Generate Traffic Problems

  1. Charlie
    January 31, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    This is why investing in transit and keeping the numbers of new parking spaces low is so important. New development is good for the city but only if we can keep traffic demand under control.

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