North End Trash Problem Outrageous

How household trash is placed out on the sidewalks in the North End is possibly the number one problem in the community.

Trash violators in the community are outrageous and getting worse every week with no resolve insight.

Residents have complained to just about everyone they could, yet, the amount of trash placed out on the sidewalks illegally is incredible and there is nothing really being done to correct what could be considered a health hazard, rodent problem, not to mention dirty streets.

The Regional Review has published numerous articles and many pictures relating to the household trash problem.

The community newspaper has received many emails, phone calls and faxes related to the uncalled for nasty situation and feels that there is not enough enforcement, for whatever reason, to correct the problem that appears to be growing out of control.

On several occasions residents told the Review that they “pick up the trash and put it back into the building.”

The same residents and many others believe most of the problem lies with absentee landlords who deposit the checks but pay no attention to their tenant’s actions.

While the City of Boston Code Enforcement Department continues to claim, they are doing the best they can, obviously it’s not nearly enough, at least in the North End.

The issue doesn’t require a college degree. It’s not rocket science either, nor does it take a lot of energy.

Currently, household trash can only be placed out after 5 PM on the day before the three collection days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. See Spot Run!

The problem doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the business community to speak of.

The culprits are residents for the most part. Residents that don’t care about the cleanliness and health of the neighborhood.

Landlords are responsible for their tenants abiding by City of Boston regulations relating to trash.

Clearly a $25 fine for a violation has not resolved the problem.

Much larger fines or court action will draw more attention to the issue and maybe, just maybe, landlords will hold their are tenants more responsible for the inconsiderate actions they take.

While there is a move to change the time household trash is placed out from 5 PM the day before to 6 AM on the day all, which this newspaper supports, the problem of residents placing trash out illegally will not go away.

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