Boston Police Commissioner Evans a Good Choice

New Boston Police Commissioner William Evans is taking on a monumental task of preventing crime in the city, but the Regional Review feels Evans can make a real difference in this important leadership role.

His apparent desire to constantly strive to build, strengthen and improve relationships with the communities to prevent crime is right on target.

Reducing crime and addressing quality-of-life concerns in the neighborhood is monumental for both residents and the business community.

Forming lasting relationships and partnerships with the community needs to continue and the new Commissioner has made it a priority to continue to do so.

Commissioner Evans has over 31 years of service in the Boston Police Department giving him a firsthand experience on how the department works and the value of community input.

Continuing Public Safety meetings in the community is a terrific tool for establishing solid relationships and they provide residents the opportunity to express opinions and make suggestions in person to police representatives.

Congratulations Commissioner Evans. The Review is looking forward toward working with you and your command.

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