Mayor/BRA Control The Destiny On The North End/waterfront

One of the many challenges facing Boston Mayor Marty Walsh in 2014 is the direction the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) will take under a new director, now that Peter Meade has left the agency that influences development on a city wide scale.

The new Mayor, could and probably will, significantly shake up a five member BRA Board in the blink of eye.

North End/Waterfront residents and the business community with all of the development within the community and surrounding areas will feel the brunt of scheduled and future projects.

Progress is important to the City of Boston. New developments create revenue and jobs, however, the impact on neighborhoods has to be taken into consideration.

The neighborhood has two active community groups, NEWRA and NEWNC that should be involved in any and all developments, right from the start, that could have a potential impact on the neighborhood.

Mayor Walsh controls the destiny of the North End/Waterfront community and a lot of residents are counting on him to give them a fair chance.

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