Household Trash Placement Public Hearing to Be Held

Cooper Street. Sunday. All beer cans from Saturday night's party.

Cooper Street. Sunday. All beer cans from Saturday night’s party.

A request to change the placement of household trash out on the day of collection by 6 AM will be the topic of discussion at a Boston City Council public hearing scheduled by City Counselor Sal LaMattina at the request of North End/Waterfront residents that presented him a petition with 800 signatures calling for the system change.

Currently, trash is placed out after 5 PM on the day before collection on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The collection dates will not change.

Petitioner’s agree something needs to be done because streets are littered with debris from garbage bags sitting out overnight exposed to trash pickers, rodents and weather.

The change from 5 PM on the day before to 6 AM on the day of is a difference of 13 hours of household trash left out on neighborhood streets.

The request is not new to Counselor LaMattina as he has attempted to get community support for the same change on several occasions only to meet with resistance.

The Counselor praised local resident and business person Toni Gilardi and others for placing this important issue back on the table.

The public hearing will be scheduled this January, date and time to be announced.

If the Council approves the request it will be placed on the request for approval this February by City of Boston.

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