Household Trash Placement Time Change Makes Sense

Changing, the time that household trash is placed out in the North End/Waterfront from 5 PM on the day before to 6 AM on the three days of collection makes a lot of sense.

First of all, the time household trash is left out will decreased by 13 hours lessening rodent problems, and the mess usually left by pickers and weather which creates a litter problem on all of the local streets.

While the household trash pickup dates, Monday, Wednesday and Friday will not change, there will probably be some resistance to the time change for whatever reasons.

You can’t teach old dogs new tricks or maybe you can by pointing out the many benefits from this time change which will obviously take a little time and effort to get used to.

At the request of local residents, Boston City Council of Sal LaMattina will schedule a public hearing at City Hall to address the change.

Once a date, time and place has been confirmed, both pro and con persons should make it their business to attend and express their opinions.

Counselor LaMattina, on several occasions has proposed this time change and neighborhood meetings only to meet resistance.

Hopefully, this time around feelings will change and the request will move forward in time to be placed on the Request for Proposal that will be issued this February by the City.

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