Councilor Yancey Heading the Wrong Way up a One-way Street

It’s crystal clear that school bus drivers organized and participated in an illegal contract strike on October 8 creating a public safety issue through the City of Boston and its school system.

To boot, the school bus drivers did it without warning sending parents into a frenzy worrying about their children.

Now Boston City Councilor Charles Yancey, who probably has nothing better to do, has called for the Council to investigate the actions of Veolia Transportation that has fired four drivers for violating their contract.

In addition, the Councilor has included the Boston Public Schools and Mayor Thomas M. Menino, in the lockout of the school bus drivers as well as allegations included in the unfair labor practice changes. The illegal action of these bus drivers was a violation of their contract.

Obviously, there was no concern for anyone else but themselves when they took on this action. They understood it was illegal but went ahead with the wildcat strike anyway and the students that rely on the school transportation and their parents suffered.

Councilor Yancey is heading up a one-way street the wrong way.

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