Changing North End Trash Time Has Merit

Changing the time frame for placing trash out is not only a good idea, it’s a terrific one.

Currently, household trash is placed out after 5pm on the day before pickup, leaving trash out for 13 hours before it gets picked up.

The change calls for residents to begin placing out household trash on the morning of trash pickup starting at 6am.

The time change will help control rodent problems, trash pickers leaving a mess and trash blowing all over the streets.

A cleaner and healthier community would be generated by this time change which will not affect the three days of pickup.

This change may take a little time for residents to get accustomed to, however, in the long run it is a much better solution than the current deplorable trash conditions.

At the request of residents, Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina will schedule a public hearing at City Hall, this December.

Don’t trash the idea. Give it a chance.

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