No Overnight Trash on the Streets Petition Circulating

About one year or so ago Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina publically suggested that household trash be placed out on the sidewalk between 6am and 9am for pickup after the time frame cutting hours of trash placed out by twelve hours thus preventing violations, debris on the streets and better rodent control. The Councilor make several attempts at this change but was basically run out of Dodge by opponents.

Currently a petition has been circulating by North End resident and business owner Toni Gilardi suggesting “no trash on streets overnight”.

“We are heading toward a full blown health crisis if we do not take this opportunity to fix a surmounting and pressing issues,” Gilardi said. “We have a unique opportunity to give the City input since they asked about this issue,” she added.

Reportedly very few people showed up for the public meeting (Oct. 22) regarding the expiring city contract on trash collection.

“Those who attended, did not even come close to representing the sentiment and concerns of the majority of residents who are tired of climbing over garbage to get home at night,” Gilardi noted.

“The community and the city want to decrease rodents and infestation, trash pickers ripping bags open in the middle of the night and improper storage of household trash spilling out and blowing down the street,” Gilardi said. “Trash is being left on the street too long.”

Gilardi believes by removing this common component, “the city could elevate seventy percent of these problems”.

An elected member of the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) and Vice President of the North End Chamber of Commerce (NECC) said, “It’s so clear and reasonable to conclude that by fixing one problem once and for all, the city will actually save money. Think about it, fewer rodent calls, fewer call to the Inspectional Service Department and fewer calls to the Department of Public Works.”

She said, “I’m not so naive to think the proposal will solve all of our problems but I am willing to bet that in a short time it will alleviate many.”

This proposal according to Gilardi will also “address the needs of all including mothers with young children and retired residents that are early risers”.

While City Councilor Sal LaMattina is apparently in full agreement with the proposal and is committed to help in any way he can, some residents have expressed their opposition to the change.

The Petition Reads: This Petition is to express the sentiment of the North End of Boston and surrounding area residents regarding the egregious sanitary conditions in Boston’s Urban Communities. We The People….Are in agreement that, Household trash should Never be placed on a City Sidewalk overnight awaiting next day pick-up by City Workers. We hereby propose that household trash be placed on a City Sidewalk between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00a.m. to be promptly removed by City Workers after such time, SAME DAY PICK-UP!

At a recent public meeting residents noted that recycling items are being placed out improperly. Apparently, residents are not placing recyclables out in plastic bags.

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