Salem Street Sidewalk Directional Markings Not Planned

Based on information provided by several city and other agencies, there appears to be no current plans to replace the red markings that were once placed on Salem Street sidewalks, guiding tourists to the Old North Church and the Copps Hill Burial Grounds on Charter Street.

Several members of the Salem Street business community would like to see the direction markings replaced to increase pedestrian traffic and the business that goes with tourism.

“I remember when we used to follow the red markings on the way to school,” said North End resident and Salem Street restaurant owner Rita DiPietrantonio.

“It would be great for Salem Street businesses to once again benefit from being a part of the Freedom Trail,” the La Galleria 33 proprietor said.

Jorge Mendoza who also operates a Salem Street business agrees, along with several other business owners.

While the directional markings will most likely not occur, the City of Boston has completed a lot of work on Salem Street geared toward attracting additional business into the area. The street’s lighting, sidewalks and repaving have been repaired and/or replaced.

In the near future, Bartlett Place will be renovated into a public space area for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

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