Actions Taken on Teenage Student Uncalled for

Actions taken by the North Andover High School against senior honor student Erin Cox for being a designated driver, who was cleared by police of no wrong doing, was deplorable and totally unnecessary.

Educating under aged students, or anyone, of the dangers of drinking and driving is imperative but such wasn’t the case in this situation.

This teenager acted in the right manner is unjustly paying the price for her responsiveness.

Her sister is quoted as saying, “The reaction of the North Andover High School administration toward Erin Cox is appalling and threatens to destroy all of our advances in teaching teens what to do when they find themselves in an unsafe situation. Drinking and driving kills people. Punishing a designated driver at all, especially for taking action to get a friend home alive, is unthinkable and will only serve to scare teens in need from reaching out to others for help.” She added, “It is a disgraceful and uneducated move on the part of the educators and administration in that district.”

This was not well thought out by the decision makers and they should dismiss the penalties levied against this student who did the right thing according to all the facts presented.

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