Connolly/LaMattina Chamber Speakers

Mayoral candidate John Connolly.

Mayoral candidate John Connolly.

Mayoral candidate John Connolly and Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina were guest speakers at last week’s North End Chamber of Commerce (NECC) monthly meeting.

Saint Leonard’s Hall on Prince Street was filled to capacity with North End residents and members of the business community to listen to the guest speakers and Chamber business.

Connolly spoke about his plans and goals for the City of Boston including the business community. He addressed just about every subject that Bostonians need to think about before voting on Tuesday, November 5.

While the group did not pose any questions to the candidate he did receive a standing ovation from those in attendance.

His opponent Marty Walsh could not attend because of a schedule problem.

Councilor LaMattina who won a landslide victory in the primary election congratulated the Chamber on its recent very successful Operation Clean-up Day in the North End with close to 100 participants including residents, members of the business community and volunteers from Suffolk University.

The Councilor presented Chamber Vice President Toni Gilardi with a City Council Resolution for spearheading the local clean-up project.

A staff person for Representative Aaron Michlewitz presented Gilardi with a similar citation from the House. Time limitation caused the meeting to cancel discussions on other Chamber matters.

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