Bike Markings Will Follow Salem Street Repaving

Once the repaving of Salem Street, from Cross to Charter Streets is completed, the City of Boston will be installing bike pavement markers on the entire street.

The repaving process will apparently begin the week of October 15 and a completion date has not been confirmed.

Shared lane markings are pavement markings that designate the road for shared use between cyclists and drivers, according to Boston Bikes and are consistent with recommendations to their network plan.

The work will take place over 1 to 3 nights with no impact on parking. No lanes will be removed and traffic will not be impeded by the project.

Boston Bikes claims the facilities are proven to make roads safer for all users in the following ways.

Designate a safe riding zone for cyclists.

Encourages cars to drive at slower, safer speeds.

Encourages cyclists to bicycle and drivers to drive more respectfully and predictably.

Make pedestrians and drivers more aware of cyclists.

Boston Bikes is part of Mayor Menino’s vision for a vibrant and healthy city that benefits all its citizens. It seeks to make Boston a world class bicycling city by creating a safe and inviting conditions for all. For details call 617-918-4456.

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