No Problems During the Feasts

August 27, 2013

There were no reported problems during the 2013 feast season in the North End.

The societies that coordinated the traditional festivals, working with the City of Boston, made it a point to avoid any incidents.

Thousands of visitors, families, friends and of course local residents made their way through numerous feasts on Hanover, Battery, Endicott, Thatcher, Fleet and North Streets with no major problems reported.

Everyone did a good job keeping things in order during extremely busy weekends.

Feasts will continue in the North End probably forever and that’s great and they should as long as they don’t pose any problems and remember there are residents living on the streets where the feasts are held.

Residents are entitled to some peace and quiet once the feast closed at 11pm.

The societies have abided by all the rules, resulting in a season of heavenly feasts.