No Way to Put the Brakes On

Slowly but surely, the North End is changing and it appears that there is no way to put the brakes on.

More and more developments are about to take place in and around the neighborhood that will create a total change in the population of the area as lots of young professionals will eventually become the main population, thus dwindle the Italian/American numbers to a minority status.

While Italian restaurants will continue to grow and blossom, other types of businesses have or will continue to open in the neighborhood.

Boutiques, franchises, fortune tellers and other non-traditional businesses are beginning to start-up in the area once referred to as Little Italy.

More housing and new businesses will eventually change the North End into a plaza atmosphere with no room to breathe and nowhere to expand, except upward.

Good business is revenue for the city. Additional business and more housing is also revenue for the city.

However, the bad news is the North End is being choked and its Italian atmosphere is slowly being sucked out.

While the past can’t be changed it can be learned from, thus the future of the North End can be altered or at least controlled.

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