Parcel 9 Proposal Benefits Pushcart Vendors

Supporters of the Parcel 9 project, that weren’t selected to develop on the site adjacent to the North End, have apparently taken the attitude of let’s cooperate with Normandy Real Estate Partners to make things go as smooth as possible.

The developer plans to build a 180 room, multi-market hotel and a first floor food market to complement the adjacent Haymarket Pushcart Association produce area that has been doing business on Blackstone Street for many years.

Association President Otto Gallotto has publically stated that pushcart vendors will cooperate with the developer and MassDOT.

The Normandy proposal will result in more than $2 million dollars in improvements to Blackstone Street in support of vendors association.

Improvements include regrading the street to simplify vendor set-up, installation of water and power for use by vendors, introduction of a system of retractable vendor stall covers, creation of a fire lane through the market, all while minimizing changes to existing vendor layouts and operation patterns.

In addition, the proposal will provide interior space for trash compaction, pushcart storage, office space and vendor restrooms.

“These benefits will help ensure the continued viability of this Boston institution for years to come,” according to MassDOT.

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