Parcel 9 Developer Selected

Finally, following years and years of public hearings, neighborhood meetings, lobbying, support and opposition and a wealth of elected officials’ support, MassDOT has finally designated a developer for the Central Artery Parcel 9 site.

Named as the developer, Normandy Real Estate Partners, plans to build a 180 room, mid-market hotel and a first floor food market.

MassDOT believes this proposal offers the best overall benefit to the residents and businesses of Boston, the Market District and the state.

Getting to this point has been a long and grueling undertaking, that has finally come to an apparent conclusion.

Although, there was a lot of support for another proposal, that’s in the past and gratefully, the final project developer has been selected and it’s time to move forward with the project that abuts the North End.

Selecting a developer was a longtime in the making and to their credit, MassDOT did everything possible to involve several neighborhoods in the process as well as the business community.

Let’s put the shovel in the ground.

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