Feasts Attract Thousands of Visitors

North End feasts are traditions dating back many years.

The season started off with several processions of patron saints and from July and August many societies will conduct numerous feasts on Hanover, Battery, North, Fleet, Thatcher and Endicott Streets.

Working closely with the City of Boston, the societies have controlled the feasts by closing on time, cleaning the streets and hiring police details to secure the popular and well attended community endeavors.

For many North End residents, their families and friends, feasts are family events that have a long history.

However, feast-goers must remember that there are residents that live on the streets that these events are held on and should have some respect for their property and for peace and quiet once the feast closes at night.

Feasts are great North End events attracting thousands of visitors each year. However, everyone must remember to respect the neighborhood and its dwellers when participating in these special events.

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