Landlords Need to Control Trash Disposal

One way to stop the horrendous household trash problem, that currently exists in the North End, is for landlords to take more responsibility for tenants that are the culprits for the blatant mess that plagues North End streets and sidewalks.

While city policy requires landlords to control this problem, it’s obvious that many of them are not complying with the rules and regulations and they should be fined continuously until they get it.

The easy way to handle this growing problem is for landlords to put their best foot forward and make it their business to control the problem.

Education of tenants on how to properly dispose of household trash has failed for the most part.

Landlords need to strike down heavily on their tenants to help reduce this unsightly, unsanitary and rodent attraction that currently exists in the neighborhood.

It appears that budget restrains prohibit the city from placing more code enforcement officers on the streets to write violations.

That leaves it squarely up to landlords to make sure their tenants are complying with the rules or show them the highway.

Certainly they will have no problem renting a vacant apartment in the North End.

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