Community Support Lacking at Public Hearings

Many North End/Waterfront residents get upset when the two local community groups take a stand in opposition regarding various proposals slated to occur in their neighborhood, only to have things overturned when they get to City Hall or other agencies.

Residents need to remember that NEWRA and NEWNC only act as advisory groups. The final decision is beyond their control.

Both community groups attempt to pass on the opinions (pro or con) of the neighborhood to the powers that be. That’s what they’re supposed to do and they act on each issue to the best of their ability based on the pulse of the community. They simply don’t have the knockout punch to control the outcome on each proposal and/or request.

Ironically, only a handful of residents show up for the public hearings that will determine the faith of a plan that will directly impact their community.

NEWRA and NEWNC can only start the ball rolling but without further community support, in numbers, this situation will continue to occur.

Unfortunately, very few residents take the time to go head to head with the decision makers at public hearings. There is no show of community power.

Unless this changes, the community’s wishes will continue to be ignored.

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