It’s Time to Tackle Trash Problems

There are several Boston neighborhoods that would like to enjoy a three day trash pick-up that the North End has in place, but constantly abuses the perk.

Household trash is consistently placed out on the sidewalks illegally by residents who could care less.

At times there are televisions, refrigerators, mattresses, furniture, beer bottle cases and other items cluttering the sidewalks illegally.

Ensuring garbage, trash and debris are properly disposed of is important toward having a cleaner, healthier and rodent free community.

Garbage, trash and debris must be stored in two-ply plastic bags or rodent proof containers and placed out after 5pm before the next day pick-ups, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The use of grocery store plastic or paper bags are not allowed. In addition, City litter baskets or barrels are for pedestrian use, not for disposal of household trash.

Improper storage and disposal of trash creates odors, cleanliness issues and rodent problems that no one wants.

It’s time for those who continually disregard the simple trash rules or landlords, especially absentee landlords, make an effort to alleviate this nasty problem.

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