Chamber Rekindles “Little Italy” Theme

The North End Chamber of Commerce has rekindled the use of the label “Little Italy” on their taxi-top advertisement and official stationary.

The Chamber is also planning a thirty-second commercial with the theme “My North End” for Comcast. The commercial will highlight what the North End businesses have to offer featuring various people and business owners.

Reportedly, no matter where a Casino is going, Suffolk Downs or Everett, the Chamber will be involved with the points program offered by a Casino that will allow patrons to dine and shop in the North End using their accrued points.

In addition, the Chamber will be inviting potential new merchants or current merchants that are proposing a plan to operate in the North End to appear before the membership for advise, assistance and support.

Chamber Board member Toni Gilardi will represent the business group at the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) of which she is an elected member.

Neighborhood groups seeking donations are being asked to write or appear at a Chamber meeting to make a presentation. Of course any business can make donations on their own.

The Chamber is located at 256 Hanover Street, Suite 8. Phone: 617-227-2452.

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