North End Benefits from Strong Elected Officials

The North End should be grateful it has three young elected officials that continuously respond to the issues facing the neighborhood, in a timely manner at that.

Obviously, the community wants elected officials to play key roles in the welfare and quality of life issues and situations that need to be addressed, sometimes on a daily basis.

While it is not easy handling the many concerns of the North End/Waterfront community, these local elected officials appear to have a handle on just about everything occurring in the neighborhood.

They respond to the neighborhood immediately and usually produce positive results and/or acceptable compromises.

The threesome also support and/or sponsor many neighborhood programs, activities and endeavors.

A well deserved “Tip of the Hat” should be extended to Senator Anthony Petruccelli, State Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina for getting the job done effectively.

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