Neighborhood Committees Make Tough Decisions

It is without question tough to serve on community groups that are compelled to make decisions that directly affect the community they live in.

It is simply no easy task telling a friend or neighbor that he or she cannot have a liquor license, expand their business, build higher or many other requests in the neighborhood.

The residents serving on, or elected to community groups in the North End/Waterfront are looking at the requests, not who is proposing them.

These people are all volunteers whose actions affect them as well. They make their final decisions in an advisory capacity by discussing the requests publically and then taking a vote of support or opposition.

Their message is conveyed to the proper City Hall agencies that make the ultimate decision. In addition, residents that support or oppose any request can appear at scheduled public hearings at City Hall and fully express their opinions.

Actions taken by community groups are not personal and should not be treated as such.

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