Your Vote is Your Voice-Register

Still another US Senate race is just around the corner this coming April 2013.Candidates will be squaring-off to attempt to win the seat left open when former US Senator John Kerry was appointed Secretary of State by President Barrack Obama and confirmed by Congress.

Unregistered voters who want to participate in the upcoming election process need to find the time to sign-up to cast a vote to send a candidate to Washington.

Voting is a way to express opinions on issues that need to be addressed in Congress. Issues and concerns that affect every citizen of the United States in one way or another.

It is important that more people become a part of the voting public because it’s their voice that will carry a message to Washington through their US Senator.

Voting is a constitutional right that is available to everyone that is registered.

Don’t be an after the fact could of, should of…register as soon as possible and have a say in the political system.

Oh by the way, take a family member, neighbor or friend with you.

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