Mechanical Street Cleaning is Working

Mechanical Street Cleaning will begin this coming March, but in order for the City to do the job right residents must move their vehicles at the designated times.

Boston Public Works will be sending out all sorts of communications reminding residents when vehicles have to be moved. In addition street signage will convey the same message.

Mechanical Street Cleaning with cooperation from vehicle owners has worked in the North End. The streets have been much cleaner with this system in place.

It’s understandable that finding a place to park in the North End has become a major problem and having to move vehicles for Mechanical Street Cleaning is not popular with some residents.

However, if vehicles are not moved, Mechanical Street Cleaning is not effective and people will start complaining about dirty streets. Unfortunately residents can not have it both ways.

Moving vehicles once a week is really not a lot to ask for much cleaner streets and to some extent, rodent control.

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