Local Artist Plans Wall Art for Gassy

Local resident and artist Nathan Swain discussed wall art for the Gassy.

North End artist Nathan Swain has been working with the Boston Parks Department and other agencies to produce wall art (murals) on the first and second levels of the DeFilippo Playground on Prince and Snow Hill Streets.

Currently things appear to be going in the right direction to obtain city approval for the artwork that will be paid for privately.

Swain plans to conduct at least one fundraiser to pick-up the estimated four to five thousand dollars needed to pay for the work which Swain plans to do. He is also thinking about having local children help paint the murals but hasn’t gotten that far in the planning.

Swain also plans to advise local residents about the wall art project and will hold a neighborhood meetings.

The artist is a current member of the North End Parks Committee and recently presented his plans at the NEWRA Parks and Open Spaces Committee seeking their support. He plans to meet with or discuss the project with other neighborhood groups to obtain their support as well.

At the request of the City, Swain was asked to secure community support. It appears the City will support some sort of artwork in the playground once the community supports it.

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