Police Report 30 Day Crime Statistics

Dom Piso was one of many residents that attended the Public Safety meeting.

For the first time in the past ten monthly public safety meetings there were no loud party complaints by residents to Boston Police.

Lifestyle issues like loud party incidents were usually on the lips of residents at these meetings.

However, there were concerns regarding breaking and entering numbers which went from two to eleven over the past 30 days.

Break-ins occurred at 39 Tileston, 94 Prince, 94 Fulton, 280 North, 139 Salem (3), 145 North Washington, 11 Cooper, 64 Prince and 20 Parmenter Street. Police believe they know who is responsible for most of them and are actively seeking the suspect.

Ten arrests in several different categories ranging from disorderly and assault with a dangerous weapon, a stabbing at Cleveland Place involving a woman attacking a man. She was arrest for aggravated assault.

Three auto thefts occurred on North, Endicott and Prince Streets. There were also three motor vehicle larcenies at 54 Cooper, 340 North and 1 Commercial Streets.

One sexual assault was reported and is currently under investigation. A woman claims she was assaulted when she went back to an apartment with a friend.

Five cases of larceny occurred at 224 Hanover, 98 North Washington Streets, 2 Battery Wharf and 101 Atlantic Avenue.

One robbery occurred near 101 Atlantic Avenue. A man with a kitchen knife stole $45 from a male at 12:35am.

Two motor vehicle incidents were reported by residents. Reportedly a drunk woman hit several vehicles while driving up Prince Street. On Charter Street a white van took off several side mirrors while driving fast on the one way street.

The statistics presented by District A-1 Boston Police included figures over the past 30 days.

Homicides 0, sexual assaults 1, robberies 1, aggravated assaults 1, breaking and entering 11, auto thefts 3, larceny 5, motor vehicle larcenies 3, graffiti 0, community disorder 0, towed vehicles 8, parking citations issued 370 and motor vehicle violations 72.

The next public safety monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, January 3 at 6:30pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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