The Great Cannoli Robbery

Just when we think we’ve been through everything life has to offer, there comes the robbery of a cannoli from Bova’s Bakery on Salem Street.

Without going into particulars, let it be said here that no one, absolutely no one needs to grab a long sharp knife and threaten anyone in Bova’s for a cannoli.

We like and often enjoy a cannoli at Bova’s, but frankly, if we were going to rob Bova’s of a single piece of their baked goods it would not be a cannoli.

What would it be?

The raspberry twist with the sweet white coating of sugar is to die for – and forgive us – would be the cause of a robbery more than a cannoli.

So in the future, we would warn and advise those inclined to perform such robberies that they make better choices!

As for Mr. Bova’s amazement – it is shared by all of us.

All the guy had to do was ask.

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