Resident’s Association Supports Three Requests

A new CV 7-Day malt and wine license, a malt and beverage addition and the transfer of a take-out license were all supported by the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) at their monthly meeting held last week.

In addition, NEWRA guest speaker was Senator Anthony Petrucelli whose district includes the North End/Waterfront.

NEWRA also announced that their annual election of officers will be held at the neighborhood group’s next monthly meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 11 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

Pace Management Group, Pauli’s Restaurant, 65 Salem Street by a 15-12 vote received the Association’s support for a new CV 7-Day Malt and Wine License to be operated in the existing 16 seat restaurant/sandwich shop with the license hours of 8am to 11pm seven days a week.

Attorney Daniel Toscano said, “A hundred letters have been sent to abutters without any negative response.” Owner Paul Barker clearly indicated that he “would not be seeking a cordials license.” Pauli’s has been opened for about a year at the new site.

Owner Kerri Platt of The Wine Bottega received support by a vote of 24-3 to remove a restriction in her license to allow retail sale of malt beverages in addition to the current sale of wine. The licensed hours of the business, located at 341 Hanover Street for the past four years, will not change from 10pm weekdays and 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Lee Napoli, part owner of a new bakery/cafe at the former Cafe Graffiti, 64 Salem Street, received the Association’s support by a vote of 23-3 to obtain relief for take-out use associated with plans to open Bread and Butter Bakery/Cafe at this location.

The owners plan to have counter service of baked goods and food items and indoor seating for 25 patrons. They also plan outdoor tables/seats with up to 40 seats, similar to Graffiti’s former patio table set-up. Currently there are no plans to have alcohol service at the new business.

Senator Petrucelli discussed items ranging from the foreclosure and prescription bills to veterans benefits, the state budget, government reform to health legislation.

On a local note, the Senator talked about his involvement with the movement of hazmat vehicles through the North End, the Eliot School/North Bennet Street School movements, the Green Ticket Bill and the Greenway Conservancy bill that opens up the board to neighborhood representatives.

The Senator is also very active with neighborhood groups like North End Against Drugs, North End Athletic Association and several other non-profit agencies.

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