Cannoli Robbery in the North End

The North End has had its share of crime in the past but there has never been an armed robbery for a cannoli until last week when Boston Police responded to a call at 3:38am on Thursday, September 13 for a person with a knife at Bova’s Bakery on Salem Street.

Police found Robert McTernan inside the kitchen of the bakery where he allegedly picked up a blue-handle kitchen knife, concealing it by placing it against his forearm.

McTernan, who had flown into Boston just hours before the incident for a two week vacation from Newbridge, Ireland was arraigned in court and charged with armed robbery for allegedly stealing a cannoli, according to District Attorney Daniel F. Conley.

The twenty-five year old was arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on a single count of armed robbery.

Assistant District Attorney Larry Bates requested $10,000 bail, however, Judge Mark Hart Summerville  set bail at $2,000 and ordered McTernan to surrender his passport and to stay away from Bova’s Bakery where the alleged robbery occurred.

Prosecutors say McTernan demanded a cannoli, which an employee handed to him before backing behind a counter. McTernan allegedly told the victim to “shush” and placed his finger to his lips.

Police arrested McTernan but were not able to locate the knife during a search of the area.

He was back in court on September 17.

Residents the Review spoke with didn’t find the incident funny.

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