Campatelli upsets LaMattina for Register of Probate

North End City Councillor Sal LaMattina lost a very close race to East Boston’s Patty Campatelli last Thursday.

When all the ballots were counted, LaMattina’s supporters were stunned by the results, which showed Campatelli winning by a more than 500 vote margin out of a near 30,000 votes that were cast.

LaMattina received 879 votes in the North End to Campatelli’s 223, in what had long been considered a shoe-in for LaMattina, the popular city councillor, had been won by Campatelli.

LaMattina graciously conceded and congratulated Campatelli. She has been unavailable for comment.

LaMattina carried the North End and the neighborhoods in his Boston City Council district. However, outside of the city council district, Campatelli either matched him or did much better.

Her vote totals astounded local political handicappers.

Preliminary analysis of the vote revealed that many more women than men voted.

Some LaMattina supporters said his last on the ballot positioning hurt as well – Campatelli was number one on the ballot.

“I am pleased to maintain my duties as a Boston City Councillor,” said LaMattina. “And I wish Patti Campatelli the best,” he added.

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