Visitor Parking Changes Could Be Made

Reportedly, there are approximately 4,000 North End resident parking permits issued in the North End for an estimated 1,500 residential spaces.

In an attempt to increase the number of full time resident spots in the neighborhood, the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council, represented by Ryan Kenny, an elected member of NEWNC has been working with James Mansfield of the Boston Transportation Department.

The hope, according to Kenny is to eliminate the two-hour restriction on visitor parking spots to any North End resident with a valid resident sticker.

“Simply put, North End residents will be able to park in visitor spots for longer than two-hours without receiving a ticket,” Kenny said.

The suggested change will be permitted on almost all visitor parking spots in the North End with the exception of certain parts of Hanover and Salem Streets,” according to Kenny.

“This is still a work in process and there is no date as to when this change will take place,” Kenny noted.

Once a decision is made, the City will inform the neighborhood and make the necessary signage changes.

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