Resident is Posting Trash/Loud Noise Signs

Marie Montemorano has taken the initiative to deal with the loud noise and household trash issues in the North End.

A life-long resident, Marie has decided to remind abusers in the neighborhood to wake up and smell the coffee by being good neighbors.

Marie, a very out spoken person and community activist, has posted signs on buildings where people are not placing their trash out properly or are creating disturbance with loud parties.

One sign reads: “Residents of this building please respect your neighbors…no parties, speak softly late at night and no loitering”.

The other sign reads: “Residents of this building must follow the trash ordinance for this neighborhood. Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings after 5pm. Monday, Wednesday, Friday before 8am.

Other residents disgruntled with noise and trash issues are doing the same.

At a recent public meeting, Marie related to a possible change in the loud noise ordinance that’s still pending said, “The Declaration of Independence was written and signed in less time that it’s taken to change this ordinance.”

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