Center’s Program Director Excels

Program Direstor Laurie D'Elia surround by her greatest fans.

Born and raised in the North End, Laurie D’Elia has always wanted to work with youth and teen programs, especially in her hometown where she grew up.

Laurie got that chance about 19 years ago when she started a part time job at the Nazzaro Community Center on North Bennet Street working in the youth program. “I still love it,” Laurie said. “I’m very happy that I was eventually hired full time, as the Center’s Program Director, by the Center’s Director Carl Ameno who is a terrific person to work for and with.”

“The Nazzaro Community Center is fortunate indeed to have the hardest working Program Supervisor in the City, Laurie D’Elia,” Ameno said.

“The Center’s diversity of programs and full schedule of activities are a direct result of Laurie’s vision, organization and enthusiasm,” Ameno said. “She has transformed our youth program into a model to be emulated by all the other community centers,” he added.

Laurie’s duties and responsibilities include: organizing benefit events, in house raffles and activities for the many youth and teen members of the Center.

Some of the programs include: field trips, dance, drama, sports, educational and civic activities, health and nutrition programs as well as drug awareness programs.

Laurie is very popular with the Nazzaro Center members and their parents and she works extremely hard to create fun filled programs throughout the year.

Laurie also hirers and supervises the Center’s Youth Program staff. She credits her staff for “a job well done”.

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