Neighborhood Watch Kickoff Meeting

North End/Waterfront residents have been calling for the creation of a Neighborhood Watch Program at several Boston Police/North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council Public Safety meetings.

On many other occasions the called for a Neighborhood Watch Program has been expressed over and over again.

In the past several attempts to form what was then called a “Crime Watch” were attempted by never really got off the ground.

It now appears that still another attempt will be made to form this type of group in the neighborhood.

Under the direction of Carolyn MacNeil, Director of Neighborhood Watch Program for the Boston Police Department, Dave Marx of NEWNC and resident Brian Brandt, the community could have a Neighborhood Watch Program in the near future.

A community meeting to discuss the possibility of a Watch Group will be held in conjunction with the next NEWNC/Boston Police Public Safety monthly meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 7 at 6:30pm in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street.

Anyone planning to attend the Neighborhood Watch Kickoff meeting should arrive by 7pm.

Meeting agenda as follows:

Carolyn MacNeil, Director: Carolyn will distribute Neighborhood Watch materials; discuss orientation and training; and clearly state the authority level of volunteers, to include policy and procedure.

Brian Brandt, Program Co-Coordinator: Brian will discuss ideas for the Neighborhood Watch program learned through researching other programs. He will also seek volunteers for the “Feet on the Street” initiative, which is a team of mover-lifter volunteers who help incoming residents around key move-in dates, in an attempt to orient them to quality of life issues.

Q&A: Attendees will have a chance to question or comment on the potions of the above speakers. Brian Brandt will provide a composite of any comments, questions or concerns about the program that reach him before the kickoff.

David Marx, Program Co-Coordinator: David will announce that Neighborhood Watch updates will occur at each public safety meeting and get as close to consensus as possible for a regular monthly in-working meeting. The Neighborhood Watch Program will hold monthly in-working meetings. These meetings will be strictly amongst volunteers registered with Carolyn MacNeil’s office.

Comments in advance of the Kickoff should be sent to my email [email protected].. Please keep comments brief and relevant. Volunteers who wish to be a part of the Neighborhood Watch but are unable to attend the kickoff may email me their full name, phone number and email. All volunteers must be registered in advance of attending any in-working meetings.

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, Senator Anthony Petruccelli and Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina have clearly indicated they support a Neighborhood Watch and have offered their services to help make the neighborhood endeavor a reality.

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