Yes to One Liquor License: No to Another

Last week’s North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) monthly meeting began with discussions on Hanover Street congestion. Both vehicle and pedestrian traffic problems were presented by NEWRA members and other residents in attendance.

Many residents liked the idea of designation areas for truck deliveries and valet parking. They also thought having delivery trucks dropping off their cargo before 12 noon was a great idea as well.

North End Chamber of Commerce President Frank DePasquale has sent letters to Chamber members requesting that deliveries should be completed by 12 noon.

Residents expressed their opposition to new restaurants and liquor license.

Marie Monteromano said “When is enough..enough?”

Anne Pistorio complained “There are about four hundred liquor license in the North End and adjacent area.”

Mary Magee told residents that the licensing committee chairperson has publicly stated she doesn’t agree on limited licenses.

Many other residents didn’t have a problem with new restaurants with beer and wine licenses and supported the three requests for them on the NEWRA agenda.

Nick Varano’s request for zoning relief to change the legal occupancy at 371-373 Hanover Street (formerly Casa di Stile) from retail store to a restaurant (Cafe Strega) with take-out and new or purchase beer, wine and cordial license was opposed by the association by a vote of 13 to 20.

The proposed restaurant will have 10 seats and a capacity of 19, serving pizza, hot and cold appetizers and cafe food and beverages. The proposed hours of operation are 7am to 11pm 7 days a week.

NEWRA by a vote of 12-21 also opposed a request by Frank DePasquale for a new malt and wine license with liqueurs to be used at Il Panino Express, 266 Hanover Street, no change of hours of operation.

On the other hand, NEWRA by a 18-15 vote supported a request by Jennifer Pittore for a zoning relief to change the legal occupancy of the first floor at 350-352 Hanover Street (formerly Hanover News) to a restaurant with take-out and a beer, wine and liqueurs license.

The restaurant “Locale” will have 18 seats and will serve gourmet pizzas and hot and cold appetizers. Proposed hours of operation Sunday-Thursday 11pm closure, Friday and Saturday 12 midnight closure.

One resident claimed there is no consistency in these restaurants and liquor license requests. NEWRA apparently doesn’t have a standard policy.

Stephen Passacantilli told residents that the City Council is looking into amending the City’s loud noise ordinance.

He and Nicole Leo of the Mayor’s Office were singled out by NEWRA for their outstanding work they did on behalf of the recent community celebration of the Prado, The Paul Revere Statue and the 150th Birthday of its sculpture Cyrus Dallin.

Boston Shines was also thanked for the great job they did cleaning up the neighborhood.

The next NEWRA monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, June 7 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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