Representative Michlewitz Files Seven Bills

-By Phil Orlandella

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, has not only been busy addressing issues and concerns relating to constituents of his district, he has been very busy filing legislation on Beacon Hill for the 2011-2012 Session.

Currently, Michlewitz whose district includes the North End/Waterfront neighborhood, has filed seven bills which he believes should find their way through the House.

House Bill 1803-Greenway Reform, an act relative to the Rose Kennedy Greenway that would renew the state’s commitment to funding the Greenway another five years.

The bill would lower the maximum state funding to the Conservancy from $5.5 million to $4 million. It would give the Greenway Leadership Council veto power over the Conservancy Budget. It also subjects the Conservancy to the State’s Open Meeting and Open Records law.

House Bill 782-Car Rental Fees, an act concerning car rental fees that would exempt Boston and Cambridge residents from paying the surcharge on rental cars that go to the Boston Convention Center.

House Bill 783, an act providing incentives for the development of recreational, educational and cultural activities along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The bill would grant tax incentives to non-profits who decide to build along the Greenway.

House Bill 930-Tunnel Safety, an act concerning tunnel safety that would require the state to access and report the amount of insurance listed and the amount of insurance required for all privately owned tunnels in the state.

House Bill 1504-Restaurant Rejuvenation, an act concerning restaurant rejuvenation that would lift the ban on pharmaceutical representatives buying meals for doctors outside a hospital setting. The bill would keep in place a $50 a year limit on meals pharmaceutical representatives per doctor.

House Bill 1546-Trash Bill, an act relative to the removal or transportation of trash that would allow cities and towns to set time restrictions on the removal or transportation of trash.

Bilingual Ballots, an act reporting the sunset clause for the preparation of certain ballots in the City of Boston that would make Bilingual Ballots for Chinese and Vietnamese speakers permanent for State and Federal Elections within the City of Boston.

Last year, Michlewitz successfully pushed the Green Bill through the House and Petruccelli moved it through the Senate. This bill allows cities and towns to capture delinquent trash violation fines by placing the cost on property tax bills.

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