NEWRA Committee Calls for Public Meeting on Roadway Proposal

-by Phil Orlandella

NEWRA Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee will ask the Boston Transportation Department and elected officials to hold a public meeting in the North End/Waterfront community regarding plans for the Rutherford Avenue Corridor Renewal Project and access to I-93.

“The committee is requesting a meeting so residents can understand the proposed roadway changes and to be able to comment on potential impacts,” according to Committee co-chair David Kubiak.

Reportedly, Cong. Michael Capuano has raised questions about the plan, especially the impact that removing the underpass would have on the ability of drivers to access the Tobin Bridge and Downtown Boston.

The committee, last March, agreed that information about the roadway changes should be presented to North End/Waterfront residents who use Rutherford Avenue as a primary access to communities North of Boston and Route I-93 North access ramp at Assembly Square Mall, according to a NEWRA committee report.

The recommended plan includes the removal of the Route 99 underpass and no replacement of the former overpass to Route 28, which was torn down several years ago due to structural deficiencies. The plans also call for reducing the number of lanes along Rutherford Avenue. Replacing the Sullivan Square Rotary with cross intersections, adding bicycle lanes and improving pedestrian crossings.


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