NEWRA Committee Pushes New Broom Clean-Up Campaign

-By Phil Orlandella

The next North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association Clean Streets Committee meeting will be important to the success of a new idea, Spazzare! (to clean), geared toward cleaner North End streets.

Committee chair David Grant and other members and residents are hoping to draw a large gathering to get the awareness campaign up and running.

The program calls for placing brooms and dustpans on the eleven trash receptacles on Hanover Street posing high visibility encouraging residents, businessmen and tourists to maybe take the time to clean-up the sidewalks and curbs near the receptacles and other places.

In addition placing a message on the receptacles would hopefully encourage people not to dump their trash, pizza or pastry boxes on the neighborhood streets.

The chairman also hopes it will get the attention of local residents and the business community to chip-in for a cleaner neighborhood.

“Spazzare! can only work if the neighborhood participates,” Grant said at two community meetings.

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina spoke in favor of giving Spazzare! a chance and sponsored a full page ad in last weeks Review to help campaign for the Clean-Up Awareness Program.  Senator Anthony Petruccelli is sponsoring the page this week.

Boston Department of Public Works Assistant Commissioner Frank O’Brien committed the agency’s support and will provide brooms and dustpans and hook them up to the receptacles.

1 comment for “NEWRA Committee Pushes New Broom Clean-Up Campaign

  1. Unnasurii
    March 31, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    While we’re at it, let’s try to encourage all citizens of the North End and beyond to clean up after their dogs. This seems to be an issue no matter where one lives, to say nothing of the health hazards involved. There are several locations around the North End that provide green bags to assist in this endeavor, on Commercial Street near Starbucks, at several intervals on the waterfront walk ways and in the Richmond Street Dog Park. Everone complains about this problem yet I continue to see many folks allowing their pets to “take care of business” and keep on walking. Let’s face it, the dogs can’t do it, it’s up to us, their humans, to do it for them! We all need to work together to correct this problem or we will end up losing the few spaces that we have to excerc ise our canine family members as well as ourselves. Thank you.

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