NBSS Seeks Move to North Street Site

By Phil Orlandella

NBSS President Miguel Gomez-Ibanez, presents school’s proposal to move to North Street (photo by Phil Orlandella)

North Bennet Street School has apparently out-grown its facility and is seeking to play Monty Hall and make a deal with the City of Boston to purchase the defunct printing plant and district 7 police station on North Street for the school which was founded in the North End in 1881.

Reportedly the school has already moved two of its classes to Arlington.

NBSS President Miguel Gomez-Ibanez told the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council that there are several possibilities that are on the table, none approved at this time.

One proposal includes the idea of the Eliot School relocating into the 39 North Bennet Street building.

Inbanez said he had the “support of the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association” and he was seeking NEWNC support as well.

While the group generally supports the NBSS move to North Street, they want to see plans before committing to approval.

Ibanez noted that unless the school finds space in the North End, they would be forced to move out of the neighborhood, something the NBSS Board did not want to do.

Currently, NBSS has a good shop course relationship with the Eliot School allowing many students to participate.

He noted that NBSS students do not park in the neighborhood. “They either take the T, parking in lots or are dropped off.”

He said, “The student population generates a lot of business in the neighborhood by buying products and eating in
many of the restaurants.” He added, “I’d like to think NBSS is a good neighbor.”

The school was presented a Good Neighbor Award from the NEWRA’s Clean Streets Committee for helping to keep the North End clean by properly disposing of trash and cleaning the sidewalk and curbs adjacent to the building.

It appears that the school may mount a petition online to gather support for the potential move to North Street.

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