Spring is Here? Think Again

-By Joshua Resnek

When it began snowing about 1:30 p.m. Monday, thoughts of spring were obliterated.

That’s New England for you, shattering dreams of warmth and ease at the end of a long winter.

It has been, by all accounts, a very, very long winter.

It has been a very expensive winter for fuel.

Government reports out early this week reveal housing values have fallen, again. This time by 9 percent.

Very little is being built.

Very little is coming on to the market to be sold.

Very little is being sold in comparison to what came before.

Before – is before the recession beat us up and brought us down.

Many radio and television business commentators say that we are coming out of the recession, that the recession is over.

The real truth of the matter is that the recession remains with us like a cancer.

We are not rid of it. We have, rather, learned to live with it.

It has become the one perpetual staple of our lives affecting us everyday.

Business in general is better than it was last year and better than the year before that.

But it doesn’t compare with the great years leading to the big bust.

Not enough new jobs are being created to make a difference in the unemployment rate or in our outlook.

Many of us wonder about what is ahead?

Where are we going?

What does the future hold for America?

The politicians in Washington all talk the same lingua franca.

If they are in charge of future well-being then we’re in big trouble.

No one talks about sacrifice or doing the right thing.

They talk the language of stale policies, stale history, stale politics and mainly, they are dull, boring savants of political philosophies that will lead us down a primrose path.

Libya is bombed to give rise to their revolution against a dictator and many who ought to know better recite the cavalcade of problems in doing that, that is, supporting people fighting for freedom and democracy.

We come to their side the way the French came to ours against the British during the Revolutionary War and there is a problem.

“Don’t try to kill Ghaddafi,” is the cry by many who really mean well.

But why not kill him? After all, he’s a first class killer and thief and holds his own people in subjugation.

Why shouldn’t America support the revolutions of mostly younger people in nations around the world seeking freedom and democracy?

Or would we be better supporting the dictators around the world as we’ve done since the end of the Second World War?

Let’s stand for something.

Let’s stand for freedom.

Let’s look the future in the eye and meet its demands.

We can no longer afford to put off what we must confront.

This new round of cold at the end of a long winter makes some of us irritable and miserable.

Everything will be better when it is warm, when the heat is off, finally, when Ghaddafi is dead, when his people are free and when we finally come to the realization that we need to get serious as a nation or we won’t be around for another century.

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